Journey so far

For more them twelve years Cornerstone Information Ventures have provided excellent services and good customers’ relations to her numerous clients. Cornerstone Information Ventures is committed to building strong client relationship and assisting our clients to achieve their ultimate strategic IT and management objectives.

We deliver exemplary strategic management advisory services, best IT solutions, e-commerce management, clients’ staff training in the area of IT, Accounting, System Audit. Over the years we have provided good tailored strategic advisory solutions to businesses, Government entities, churches and individuals.

Currently, we have the best IT and Accounting solutions for churches that over the past 9 years we have integrated best IT solutions and strategic Accounting /Financial platforms to successfully drive churches financial management performance.

Our focus sectors and industry expertise include financial services, information technology, health care, media, real estate, religious bodies, manufacturers and law firms.

Our Vision

To be a leader in providing IT tailored Solutions that enhance capacity and bring about profit for our clients making them giants in their various fields.

Our Values

We have also placed our clients’ interest first and maintain very strict controls over the confidentiality of their information and transactions. We equally hold firmly the following:

  • Competency
  • Openness
  • Resourcefulness
  • Never give up on ‘win win’ attitude
  • Effectiveness
  • Resolved
  • Sensitivity
  • Team work
  • Onward pursuit for excellence
  • Nerves for dedication
  • Efficiency

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